.naked Poem by YURI DURAAN


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I sit in the bath
letting the water run out
not moving
my body glistening from the
residue of the bath oil
now drying on me

I am aware of every shift
in the air around me
causing the slightest breeze
against my skin
a reminder that there
is still life outside of myself

The harsh glare of the bathroom
light illuminates every scar
every flaw on my body
flaunting my imperfections
and turning a blind eye to
my vulnerabilities

and I sit here in this empty bath
not able to move, amazed at it all

naked...while my skin dries
under the scrutiny of my lost soul

Kesav Easwaran 31 October 2008

beautiful poem...examining, critical and open, one's own scar rich bruises rich naked life activities with in the enclosure of one's own mind...very meaningful write...10

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Nkululeko Mdudu 27 August 2008

the body's nakedness as a symbol of the soul, bare and bruised, not at all like that of it's earlier form, this as everything has an impact on a naked soul, little wonder why it often gets lost.(I don't know if i've found the meaning of this poem) but it is beautiful

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 August 2008

Different style with beautiful voice.

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Paolo Giuseppe Mazzarello 18 August 2008

A body, naked, wet, dry, a female body in the night, a body waiting for. It's difficult to stay in front of it. We're waiting for a tale of its body, so we'll not be voyeurs.

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Sadiqullah Khan 16 August 2008

soothing and being naked in the bathroom and not feeling sensuous, , , , wel written

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