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Absent Prayers

Rating: 3.1

I find it easy to pray for
other people -
to wish them happiness
it makes me feel
virtuous and
a little bit righteous…
especially when praying for my enemies…

Oh! How I can pray for my enemies!
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Vidyadhar Durgekar 08 June 2008

hmm.very interesting and beautifully concieved theme.............good poem

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 06 June 2008

Hello my friend and this is an awesome poem and a awonderful occupation and past time to pray! Good! Loyd

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Marvin Brato 06 June 2008

A poetic masterpiece that depicts true character! A 10-.

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Broken Peaces 05 June 2008

A caring clever play with genuine feelings Yuri you are a heartfelt person and your own personal happiness will be a fitting reward regards Chris

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Kevin Wells 05 June 2008

A clever blend of honesty and Irony...love it!

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Tony Karas 09 July 2013

Wow man! Excellent! I am exactly the same way... for I know I am no worthy of prayers.

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Colin Jeffery 17 August 2008

A very moving poem from a great poet

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Gone with the wind 02 July 2008

One of the best poems I ever read! A 10

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Rani Turton 08 June 2008

Very readable, and thought-provoking too. Do we often pray for our enemies I mean?

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C.R. Clark 08 June 2008

I believe that God expects our prayers to be completely unselfish.I think he must be very pleased with yours. What a beautiful attitude you have, dear lady, and what a lovely poem you have written. Thank you. Richard

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