For those of you without a clue
about the dangers of the flu
I say before you get your shot
you'd better say 'I'd rather not',
no studies have shown proof to date
that shots would influence the state
and through some magic kill the bugs.
Purveyors often are plain thugs,
they add huge toxins to the mix
like mercury, it is a fix
and by itself may cause disease
so go to Google, study, please,
or Doc Mercola who explains
how mercury affects young brains,
and listen not to the statistics
they're twisted, using linguistics.
Few people die from influenza,
go ask the smart fellows at Mensa,
the death attributed to flu
are deaths of course, that much is true.
Yet it's pneumonia that will kill
some folks, who happen to be ill,
pneumonia though is not assisted
nor in the therapeutics listed
it will not yield and, au contraire,
flu shots contribute their fair share
to the demise at any age
so think before you reach the stage
when doctors urge you, 'while you're here,
you would prefer the arm or rear? '
Say NO unless you find the studies
with proof, don't listen to your buddies
or vested interests from Big Pharm,
you might receive a dose of harm.

Note: The contents of this poem are not intended to provide medical advice.
Proper medical advice on all health matters ought to be obtained from
your personal health care provider