Ingraved Poem by Sara Tehrani


Rating: 2.1

I came by to see if you still live in that little cottage by the sea
Where we spent the summer laying under the moonlight living young and free

you held me like you never wanted to let me go
and you said I’m the only one that you ever loved and you couldn’t love me more
Then the sun came down
You shaked the sand in my shoes and said please don’t come around

Its been 2 years and I can still see the moonlight in the sky and it doesn’t feel the same without you by my side
I’m walking on the pebbles and the sand but its not the same without you holding my hand

When the sun comes down every night I cry
Because I remember how you broke my heart with goodbye
So I came by to ask you what happend to our love
But your doors are locked and the windows are blocked
And theres not a soul in the house

late at night and walking through the park
where we came every day making daisy chains drinking until the dark
Im sitting down by the tree where you proposed to me
I turn my head and suddenly I see your name ingraved on a silver plate leaned against our tree
Shining brightly, I shed a tear when I see it says in loving memory

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