Iniuriam (The Wrong Done) Poem by Romella Kitchens

Iniuriam (The Wrong Done)

Racism stood on a bluff high above the world.
Racism cloaked and evil as a wolf in the darkness had no respect for the world it looked down on.
Racism saw man already drew other man's blood.
It knew humans fought over kin, lack of kinship, land, riches, status monarchies and title.
Yet still, Racism spread it's venom and it's thoughts and sent out it's soldiers...
Down the hills they came...
the regiments of racism, to make brother deny brother, to make the one man deny the other's blood in him, turn his back on those truly of his family and, place himself a false step above.
Racism poured down country after country, land after land, laying waste to the mere notion of advanced, sophisticated society.
Racism's generals were segregation, false imprisonment, prejudicial law and more.
Every death, every appointed enemy, was a victory for Racism.

And, the world's people tore apart: separated country from country; unfurled the flags of tribes and Nations; developed violent clans and kin within kin.
The world's people tore apart and, that rending has not been repaired.
See your brother on the street, watch him walk away and disregard of you and know this.

Romella Kitchens

Romella Kitchens

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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