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Romella Kitchens is a Pittsburgh-based poet who has been published in 5AM, The California Quarterly, Mainstreet Rag, The Autumn House Anthology, Chiron Review, Iodine Poetry Press, Mudfish Review and others.
She has done poetry residencies and addressed many school groups concerning poetry. In 2014, she was a judge for the city wide level of Poetry Outloud.

Romella Kitchens Poems

It Is All Etched In Crayola

A Poem For Pete Seeger:
It Is All Etched In Crayolas, January 28,2015

It is the coldest day, it is always the coldest


The praying man does not let violence into his heart if his prayers are truly prayers.

He can be raised in violence.
He can have practiced violence at some point in

La Tombre Sin Nombre

La Tumbra Sin Nombre
The Unmarked Grave

The mother of plantains and holy thoughts

The Immigrants

The Immigrants

It is incorrect in a society to have an exile that



Oregon, I remember you. The way your
trees were unregretful and made imploring love

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