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It Is All Etched In Crayola

A Poem For Pete Seeger:
It Is All Etched In Crayolas, January 28,2015

It is the coldest day, it is always the coldest
when I read Pete Seeger has died.
Cars pass outside, and men who have stayed
out all night at the local bars pass paying life dues
down slippery hills of ice never knowing their real
names or identities. I imagine his fingers fine on his banjo.
Yes, there, he had this face, this clear identity.

Black child laying on warm carpet, crayolas and paper
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This poem is not a about politics. It is not about political persuasion, it is written in the wake of a tremendous folk singer having passed and my memories of him. The poet is certain that there are many who feel the same way.Upon his passing hopefully a younger generation will explore his life and music. I will always remember Mary Tracers of Peter, Paul & Mary as well. She passed in 2009- she used to she flip her lovely blonde hair back, in the proud confident manner so she was not hampered from performing.And of course there was Ritchie Havens. Who didn't grow up wanting to play a guitar I am guessing then? I saw people in their twenties with them everywhere then. Even we little children wanted guitar lessons. Great memories for a child who already analyzed
everything like poets are likely to wax analytical. Note: The show I saw Pete Seeger on was The Smothers Brothers. They also were talented story tellers, comedians, musicians and singers.
Gajanan Mishra 29 January 2014

body aging not the hope or soul, very true. good one. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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Colleen Courtney 29 January 2014

A beautiful tribute for a wonderfully talented musician. He may be gone but the songs remain.

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