Inner Tourist Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Inner Tourist

layeref wisdom of narratives vibrate rythmically on skin.
surface relaxation inside atom of resiliance wisdom.

resilience wisdom of nature of moonlit mind across aeons of universal change.a yellow leak of lotus.
over 55 years from mow.two little eyes seeing beyond ocean waves on cinematic human behaviours of emotional outburst onbthebstreets open tree of climbingbreality ofbsnails in dreams.
i was five years old writingbsbstract move in the air.whebi was seven, i wrote thebwords''silence and life, amd arahan အရဟံ''' on the wall of my mum and dad are very religious buddhists.arahan is the first word of nine quality(gondaw in myanmar) , which is meantbto be''purification of mind from worldly desires. of mature.moonlit lotus maturity of self-reliance through ups and downs in life.ethics.reflective ethics.poems of is a hard teacher.
question of success.honesty mever shakes and never of stillness and maturity of silence whispering narratives.only plain breaths.humanity of love, compassion and care for thebweak is university of wisdom ande metta.
(my poem has spelling mistakes because of my weak eye.please play a puzxle of spelling words for your creativitu freedom.)
practise meditation helps me to realize ego.only impermanence.suffering because of illusive pride and ego and obession, and, delusion.
back to the moon.the sun rises.future is coming back to the moon.the sun.sunflowers dance in the wind.
life is a beautiful mindset.
the four area of poetry universe.
area code two...eleganceculture)
area code of reality(layered happenings)
area code four.....concept liberation(no ego, no obession)
poetry and life of silence-resilience wisdom.
poetry of future of imagimation.
poetry of reality-layers.
poetry of love, compassion andbhumanity.
poetry of science.
poetry of anthropoccenic breaths.
vibrations of equilibrium of mind.

a blue sky.
we all are brothers and sisters.
an uneben beauty of road to neauty and love.
a purple door is open.
infinitybof reality

legend of colours.
the door.

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