Innocent Heart Poem by K J

Innocent Heart

Oh my innocent heart, what is desire, what is feeling
Tell me my innocent heart
We roam aimlessly all our life,
We roam the plains and the deserts,
We roam in the storm and in the calm,
Why do we roam,
Tell me my innocent heart.

Sometimes I feel the soul is thirsty;
Even though the lake is mine;
Why are we puzzled,
What is this puzzle,
A shadow behind me I feel,
Close by I can sense and feel,
What is this eternal feeling,
What is this problem that I feel,
Tell me my innocent heart, please answer me.

I cannot say, whose desire this is,
Is it mine, or my soul’s, is it yours my innocent heart,
It is as if life is lost and confused somewhere,
The earth is silent, the sky is silent,
When why does my heart beat so hard,
Why I can hear my heart beat so fast,
Tell me my innocent heart, what is this that I feel;
Why is it that I feel this way,
Oh my innocent heart, what is this desire,
This longing I feel, I am drawn to something,
Or someone, I know not why,
Tell me, tell me, tell me, pray tell me, my innocent heart.

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