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His erotic life in tatters,
begging her on wounded knee.
Cruelly she said it matters,
'size is everything to me'.

He was terribly offended,
blamed his parents, even God.
By next day he had suspended
heavy metal from his rod.

Weighing just on fifteen pounds
in a harness made of felt,
measured daily the amounts
it had grown below the belt.

Never told her of the traction,
wanted it as a surprise.
He would add not just a fraction
but surpass all other guys.

Spring had sprung and sap was rising,
with his patience wearing thin,
using donuts daily, sizing
length and whether thick or thin.

When he tought he was succeeding
although time was running out
he went from the weight preceding
to a ton which is quite stout.

Schlongs can handle much abuse,
though to fool with your own genes
may result in early blues
yet no stretching for your jeans.

Well, as I myself predicted
weeks went by and stresses grew,
soon he truly had inflicted
traction so it reached his shoe.

Then one morning in the shower,
(she was brushing her long hair) ,
called her 'darling my sweet flower,
have a look, I'd like to share

this humongous and gigantic
wonder weapon, see the size?
Let's take time to be romantic
it will give you such a rise.'

While he spoke she had been seeing
through the shaded shower glass
something that no human being
would have carried near his ass.

So, she wondered, thinking fast
whether it would be so smart
to receive this handsome mast
well, why not? It was a start.

Dedicated, with no tongue in cheek
to Sherrie because she knows
the subject and will understand
the matter.

Velvet Thorn 16 September 2005

I think it's hilarious, now it needs to be put to music!

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You get a 10 just because you mentioned my name in a complimentary manner...and another, if I could, because this is a tremendous statement about the truest matters between a man and a woman. Thank you.

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