Internal Rhyme Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Internal Rhyme

As each tear fell down in silence
there was no one to hear the swell.
Only the earth could feel the sting of salt
when catching each one as it fell.
The wind heard the cries
when no one else could hear
and Mother Earth felt the sorrow
that was blended with the fear.

The trees danced around me
as they tried to make me grin
but a heart knows no laughter
when things become so dim.
The wind whispered softly
trying to soothe a weary mind
and it tried to ease the pain
held within this heart of mine.

The sun, it did embrace me
as it tried to warm my heart
but the chill lingers on
when a hearts been torn apart.
Mother Earth tried to speak to me
as also did Father Time,
to fill me with their peace
and tranquil thoughts sublime.

I feared I might no longer hear
when the spirits spoke to me
but still they didn't give up
they held me close and tenderly.
The Eagle soared above me in the distance
and to him I slowly turned my gaze
while the clouds gave way
to the brightness of haze.

Then in unison they spoke
they were calling me to hear.
The message they were sending
was making it so clear.
Even through the darkest days
there will always come the light
and there will be a time
to leave the darkness to the night.

Believe in what your heart hears,
listen to the internal rhyme~
all things shall pass
and life heals
with time :)
by: merrypens :))

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