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I don't know how long it has been since my birth
Or how I began my watery life on earth,
I don't even know when the world was born
But I do know that my life goes on and on...

To earn good name you need a style
You may continue it for meanwhile
It may lead you to some achievement
That may be your happiest moment

As each tear fell down in silence
there was no one to hear the swell.
Only the earth could feel the sting of salt
when catching each one as it fell.

We laugh
Until we had to cry
We love
But no matter how we try

I'm afraid to fall in love
because I know what comes next
irritation, indifference and reading between lines of text
and the toothpaste tube and dirty socks

I wish on a rainbow
Is all I can do?
Through these lonely
Hours of my day

The morning sun just rises bright JUST after a fresh Dawn
A breeze wind blows gently
The wild flowers look so weak as just awoken

Striped from my identity
Not knowing who i am
Or who i might be...
The green of nature surrounds me

Forever will

As I look back,
And pleat at the memories

the birth of a poem

you know when a poem is overdue
when the concepts slip through

I plaster pain's number
all over the bathroom stall
I rip your words
to pieces

What is perfect? What is normal? What is beautiful?
Tell me, can I be that?
Can I be the one, the same one in another mind?
Is it possible to be, what one must be to show what the heart feels?

Dear Diary....
this heart of mine is been confused
if it is love, infatuation or crush
he always in my thoughts all day and night

Mysterious Way

If you say me to see you differently,
If you say me to change everything,

when literature is real
when poetry is real
when poetry is more than some game
of hide and seek


the human soul is a mysterious thing
a labyrinth of past lives, things human

Giving sparkle of sunshine,
every moment you smile
You came into my life,
as a twilight standin' out a mile...

could it be that perhaps
we could happen, hushed and packaged
like a small secret
maybe even for a day

O- God- You are very kind
Thinks in this way my mind
Everywhere you only I find
A non-believer is only blind

I lie here in my tomb with pain and lassitude
Dreaming hopeless dreams
That will never bring me affection or gratitude
Dead I am this is what it seems

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hello readers...... have fun to read this.... first though let me introduce myself, hi! my name is merry as 'happy'but not obviously i guess? haha....anyway i am 22 young of age born on April 16,1988... i love being simple as i am...somebody says, I am mataray? what do you think? or even masungit said others lol.... well its been alright for me....just say it so... i don't even care! ...Anyway that was only a short description 'bout me... ............ABOUT MY LITERARY............ LET ME TELL YOU THIS! : writing isn't always easy..its quite frustrating sometimes. i find myself staring at the blank page, hoping that the story would write itself just so...sometimes, my finished work don't seem as so good as how i intended it to be especially when I'm not in mood to write. but I'd rather deal with all that problems than not to be able to write at the moment. writing is such a powerful tool. i can put my heart in everything that i will always reflect on what i feel at the moment. * i can write when i feel that I'm on the top of the world. i also write when i feel that i can barely go a way, writing comforts me...writing also opened my eyes to new ideas and perspectives.I've learned to think outside the box and see the world in a whole new light...another thing that so good about writing is that there are no limitations....i can write about anything i want....there are endless possibilities... * writing lets my imagination soar........... *THAT'S WHAT I DO..... I READ I WRITE AND I ENJOY :) ♥ MERRYPENS♥)

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Journey Of A Water Drop

I don't know how long it has been since my birth
Or how I began my watery life on earth,
I don't even know when the world was born
But I do know that my life goes on and on...

I hate faint memories of flowing in a once glistening stream
But however sad and pitiful it may seem,
Our lovely broke finally dried up in the drought
And in the end, there was no water for us to swim about...

I somehow rose into the open sky
And to the earth below I bid goodbye,
And I found my moist place in the clouds so high
And I waited patiently for the heavens to cry...

We flew over grasslands and hills
And meadows and mills,
We soared over forests and mountains
And flew past waterfalls and fountains...

All of a sudden the sky began to roar
And finally the clouds began to pour,
I, too, fell on the damp earth below
And landed on a Rose petal as soft as a pillow...

The delicate petal fell off as it couldn't bear my weight
It started drifting along the Ganges; a river so mighty and great,
I was lounging about for days in my soft little bed
On a lovely Rose petal, tender and red...

But good times don't last long
And now it is the end of my poetry and song,
For again I have to rejoin my place above
Above this enchanted world full of happiness and love...

So I shall repeat my life cycle again and again
But for what reason? For pain or for gain?
It remains a mystery that I do not know
But I do know this - my life goes on ever so...
by: merrypens :))

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Raymond Crump 26 June 2010

hello merrypens, groovy name by the way. Now about your poetry. I love the poems you write which express heavenly feeling and feeling for nature and your sense of being at one with the universe. The humming bird is good, quirky and fun as well as expressive. I've never seen one but feel I may have done after reading it! Your love poems are true, in joy and sorrow and give a sense of yourself as a feeling young woman (I think that car thief, who also stole your good intent, will come to regret it) . Some of your poems are debate and argument which many say are not a true subject for verse, though good poems of this order stand above such comment. However, it is not really enough merely to rhyme end lines to carry your sermon and call it a poem. You have the music of poetry in your soul and must let it sing. If a rhyme comes, all well and good, but dont force rhymes on the poem, it can make the music awkward or thumpy. Today we write a poem and leave it aside for a little while, then review it. Can we improve the lines, the words, the rhythm? Or does it go in the bin? Search your memory and events in nature or personal life which touched you may be found. Let these moments grow and a flower may open and a poem almost write itself as I am sure you have found. I feel you could develop your poetry by practice as a musician does. Your real soul of poetry is in feeling and I hope to see lovely work ahead. Thank you.

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