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Journey Of A Water Drop

I don't know how long it has been since my birth
Or how I began my watery life on earth,
I don't even know when the world was born
But I do know that my life goes on and on...

Internal Rhyme

As each tear fell down in silence
there was no one to hear the swell.
Only the earth could feel the sting of salt
when catching each one as it fell.

Money Is Power

To earn good name you need a style
You may continue it for meanwhile
It may lead you to some achievement
That may be your happiest moment

Last Goodbye

We laugh
Until we had to cry
We love
But no matter how we try

Fear Of Love

I'm afraid to fall in love
because I know what comes next
irritation, indifference and reading between lines of text
and the toothpaste tube and dirty socks

Million Miles Away

I wish on a rainbow
Is all I can do?
Through these lonely
Hours of my day

A Secret Nature

The morning sun just rises bright JUST after a fresh Dawn
A breeze wind blows gently
The wild flowers look so weak as just awoken

Hidden Reflection

Striped from my identity
Not knowing who i am
Or who i might be...
The green of nature surrounds me

Forever Will

Forever will

As I look back,
And pleat at the memories

The Birth Of Poem

the birth of a poem

you know when a poem is overdue
when the concepts slip through

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