Fear Of Love Poem by merry(merrypens) virgo

Fear Of Love

I'm afraid to fall in love
because I know what comes next
irritation, indifference and reading between lines of text
and the toothpaste tube and dirty socks
do I like spaghetti, do you like lox?
The Eagles annoy me and you hate Coltrane
I thought you were clever once, now too clever
and if you deign to take me to your bed
is my tongue too clever or just my head?

I'm fond of sitting, you want to run
I like a simile, you like a pun
what is a bore to me, to you is fun
I will have plenty and you will have none

I'm afraid to fall for love
but love is a sucker for fear
it seeks what is lost
is far as it's near
it's the sum of what you thought you wanted
divided by what you appreciated
I swore I would write bitter poetry
but all poets are liars and
by necessity they beg food
and affection like dog biscuits
and they give away all their secrets
forget washing the shameful socks
if you know too much, you know too much

you need a death wish to fall in love
it's cancer on a losing proposition
familiarity breeds divorce
and the litigation of domestic tranquility
goes on and on and on
like the disease of life lingering
a corpse of dreams
a bait and switch casino game
you know the odds......

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