Internet Dating Poem by Gregory H. Wlodarski

Internet Dating

Reading them is an entertainment of sorts,
Match profiles, each person's personality reports.

We pick our photos to showcase ourselves and others enlighten,
But some photos, it seems, rather than lure, actually frighten.

Then I came across some photos of pseudonym-1,
And read a profile that tells of her thrills and her fun.

Jump out of a plane, sure but I wouldn't so hasten,
Unless in my hand I had an emesis basin.

Unfortunately my inner ear so sensitive is feeling,
Though my mind be in joy, my stomach be reeling.

Thus, for my body's momentum, changes I avoid,
Else the fun of the thrill is no longer enjoyed.

'I love to laugh' she did not once write or say,
Reading this from others, leaves me dismayed.

Those who often write this phrase, meaningless and trite,
Suggest laughter is unique in a potential Ms Right.

So hackneyed to read those common phrases overused,
'Love to laugh' 'I'm attractive', with themselves are suffused.

Now back to her profile and photos numbering niner,
I have to confess in solid colors she looks finer.

And should she dare to crack one tiny little smile,
In helping find Mr. Right, it would go more than a mile.

Her smile in the photos is as rare as a solar eclipse,
But how her face brightens by that simple parting of lips.

So go ahead pseudonym-1 stretch those peri-oral muscles,
And many hearts will go throbbing from Raleigh to Brussels.

I hope she keeps those eyes sparkling and lips parted slightly,
And she'll think about me once or perhaps every nightly.

Then if she wished to share a word, or more than just three,
Maybe she'll then click the button that sends them to me.

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