Introvertive Retrospective Thoughts Poem by William King Jr.

Introvertive Retrospective Thoughts

Seek repentance for the fathers
Give abortions to the daughters
All our sins are amassed together
And our existence is ending like a falling feather
Seek, young ones, forgiveness for caused pain
Keep each other from the wrath of ol' Cain
Believe your truths and forsake your lies
Listen to you heart and open your eyes
We are the forgotten souls, no more no less
And no one will ever show mercy, even upon our best
So quote your holy books and read your scriptures
Pray to your idols and worship in their temples
Absorb all the false hope that others supply
For no matter the outcome, we will all die
Born of flesh, we must protect ourselves
In the midst of our demise, no one will offer help
We hope and pray for our torment to end
Death brings peace, only to be born again
Mother Earth recycles all her children
We're born and raised, all expecting death
We know our future but no memory of the past
Our thoughts are hollow, like a shell made of glass
Our bodies crippled by the added hormones
Our brains distorted by the infinite pheromones
Conditioned to be the perfect cattle
Our scapegoat lifestyles help us lose the battle
Not of good or evil, nor of mice and men
The battle of free will and thoughts for all men
We're told what to buy, what to eat or to wear
All for the profit of people who don't care
Human life is precious, need not waste it away
Live, be joyous and happy; you will soon die anyway
Our mortality is our immortality

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