Intuition Poem by Jo Elliott


Do not be scared by what you hear,
this will help you waylay your fear.
Know that most is inside of you
and that they can help you in all you do.
The lessons that are shown to you
bring up feelings, feel them too!

You'll find then
you will disregard
all the times you felt were hard.
Now is the time to let them go
and let your real true colours show.
Your purpose is right here and now,
if you give yourself time to allow.

The way for you is oh so clear.
The time for you is very near
to be the one you'd always be,
out there for the world to see.

Don't just listen to what others say,
make you own mind up
your own way.
Feel inside what's right for you.
Know what's in your heart is true.

Show the world it can be done,
even when you're having fun.
Do not worry about what people think
to those who care there will be a link.

Worry not
of those who flee
with you they were not meant to be.
You'll walk along with another one
if you did it all there would be no fun.

Just be and those for you will come.
Your journey will be with only some.
There will be those who will come and go,
listen for this and you will know.

You will sometimes be the one to leave.
The next one you will then receive.
Times like this may seem to hurt.
Keep your feelings of joy alert!

Remember nothing's forever here
if it was new life would not appear.
We'd all be together right from the start
with everything within our heart,
we wouldn't need to think and feel
and nothing new would have appeal.

Everything happens when the time is right,
now is the time to shine your light.
There's nothing now that's stopping you,
only the fears of what you do.

Listen now and you will hear
with clarity that is so clear,
in time you will then be aware
the fears you have someone will share.
This will bring it forth for you
that you're not alone in what you're going through.

Share your thoughts and feelings too,
the relief you'll feel will be untrue.
You'll know when this is right for you,
it may come in the form of a word or two.

A moment shared between two minds,
a unity of human kinds.
The conversation will then just flow
and all around your light will glow.

Feel it,
experience it
and let it be.
Allow it all
and you will see,
that when you listen to your heart
this is when your life will start.

Thank you for reading 💖

Stand tall in all of you! Here we are, the final poem of the second book! I'm glad it's ended on this one! Thank you for joining me through another cycle. If I can offer anything about this one it would be to believe in yourself!
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