Is This Love? Poem by Jo Elliott

Is This Love?

Step 1 is where the feelings grow

just how far you come to know.

Step 2 you act upon this time

and all appears just fine.

Step 3 is time for routine love,

it's here things fit just like glove.

Finding things out,

talking lots,

accepting all the stains and blots.

Then step 4 will come along,

this is where things can go wrong.

The urgency has begun to wane

there may be nothing left to gain.

You may hold back and talk is lack

be careful because it can come right back.

Complacency can rear negative thoughts

and make your lives feel out of sorts.

Here's the time you should be aware

that you no longer feel the need to share

each waking moment filling in

the things that make you laugh and grin.

This is where step 5 will start if you make the room within your heart.

It's where the two become the one

and your path together has just begun.

Thank you for reading 💖

This one I wrote when I was deciphering what Love means to me. Love to me is everything, the whole caboodle, the inside and outside, what is on show, not what is hidden! It's for the truth, why would there need to be lies? There's no need for there to be a battle, who's right and who's wrong? That from meeting in a place where you are in tune with each other there will be happiness and joy, you will accept each other, open your hearts to each other and hear them for who they are. Life is never about just agreeing with each other, everyone has their own mind and is entitled to have their own opinions, learning to understand each other and find out what each cares about and allowing, for which is too strong, just being in a place where you can each be the person you are.
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