Hope Poem by Jo Elliott


How many times do we have to try?
Will there ever be a time I don't ask why?
Whether it's possible for you to show you care
and in life with me you'd like to share?

There's only so much I can do,
it takes two to see it through.
If one-sided
is all it'll ever be
then I might as well just stick with me.

My love for you will never wane,
I wonder if you feel the same.
‘Cause when you're here it does appear
the love you feel is marred with fear.

It's always about who is right or wrong,
Nothing about the love
that we feel so strong.

There is no room for compromise,
we just sit back and wait for the demise.
Do we care enough is what I ask?
If we did, would it feel like such a task?

It may be time we have to admit,
that neither of us has no grit.
I am ready to share my life with you
in a love that's strong and true
yet when there's only one-sided strength
it will never last the length.

I felt this time that you were sure
when you kept knocking at the door.
You told me that you cared for me
and that beside me was where you wanted to be.

Well, beside me is where you have been,
that you care I haven't seen.
Without the pretence that you have shown
it's exactly what I've always known.

I'm the one in this love that will be
doing everything for you and me.
You really do not have a clue
what you can put in for me and you.

If I have to tell you
then suffice to say
I am a control freak in every way
and you will never be controlled.
Hey then,
guess what,
our love will fold!

You'll walk away and your thoughts will be
that there's nothing left for you and me.
You'll distrust my love for you again.
It'll be my fault,
like every time and then,
the circle starts with whatever you do
each time we've never seen it through.

You'll talk of me,
this much I know,
then off with someone else you'll go.
My issues,
the topic,
so you can see
if the next one will do it differently.

They will for a time and then they will show
you exactly what you want to know.
Once you've got what you want
with the effort you put in
you'll want to lie back
and enjoy your win
and little by little
they'll start to see
how their time with you will be.

I took this off that one
not taking off you,
I'll do what it is I want to do.
The one-sidedness starts all over again
a control freak is what they become,

You will start to criticize;
you'll give them stuff to realise
and make them feel so very down
and believe they need to have you around.

I've felt all this and went way past,
I really wanted our love to last.
I desperately wanted you here with me
although I knew deep down it would never be.
I re-gained my strength,
my feet I found,
I planted them firmly back on the ground.
I re-ploughed all the seeds of doubt
that you had scattered all about.

I looked for me and started to see,
how I wanted my life to be.
I didn't need a man yet one came through
and he ended up being just like you.

The time came then when you begged me back
and said this time you wouldn't be slack.
So I thought, why not? I can see
just how much strength I have in me.

We compromised and said we'd try
to see if we could find the reasons why
it didn't work out for us before
and that we'd work things out first this time, for sure.

It didn't change, this much I knew,
I was here just to care for you.
I have the strength to know that I
will love you ‘til the day I die
and also if it's meant to be
the love we share will be about you and me.

I will not be a doormat who
hangs around to be with you.
I know my worth and I'm quite happy
to be strong enough to think of me.

If all of this you do not like,
then you may as well just take a hike.
If there's no room for me with you
then find someone else to make do.

You see,
I'm quite happy with any time
with the man I love,
I see no crime
as long as he and I are free
and he wants to share some time with me.

So you go do what you must do,
maybe take some time to think it through.
What you want, not what you need
then your life may not be based on greed.

It it's me you want then you must show
your love for me will grow and grow.
If you'll make do with anyone
then off you go and have your fun.

When you then feel like looking me up once more
and you come knocking at my door
you'll see that things will be the same
but I'll no longer allow you to play the game.

I'll leave that to the others who
are unable or don't want to see right through
the person who will turn and flee
once he starts to see a woman happy.

Well, happy I'll be
lover or friend
any time with you I'd like to spend.
So for once you may be doing it right
even though you try to ruin it with all your might.

I don't need to be in a relationship with you
because you don't have the strength
to see it through.
So I'll gain your love whenever I can
without having to be your biggest fan.

I may as well live my life and see
if you want to come and be with me
and if you do I can then
be with the man I love again.

I week,
2 weeks,
an hour,
a year,
who cares when it's me you want,
that's clear,

I'll live my life,
of that I'm sure,
until you toddle off once more.
If someone else should come along
I know that you would think it wrong,
then you'll be back to beg for me
to be by your side and be happy.

Well, this is how I see my days
because you will never change your ways,
I am happy accepting this,
anytime with you I class as bliss.

Thank you for reading 💖

I don't know why I called this one hope, there is hope in there although I mainly see what hope I may have had blown apart. When my muse read the words of this he considered it was an opportunity to continue to play me, well, he considered wrong! I was always told one day this would happen, we would do this at that time and I guess I was given hope. Even the last time we travelled is the same! He always has no other option. Not, that I was in any way hopeful of anything this time, this time it was to lay those ghosts to rest and it's been done. Yes, I was happy with the time I spent with him but in no way was it anything like it was before and neither was I like any of the women he usually plays. This is why things don't work for us! I am too independent and I know what I want and need and know what to do. It isn't because of fear that I don't want someone or just anyone in my life whom I have to accept their behaviour and allow them to treat me with no respect, it's because I am independent and aware of my worth. End of! I was able to resolve all that I needed to! My slate is clean now.
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