What Is Love? Poem by Jo Elliott

What Is Love?

What is love?
Should it make you feel sad?
Should the person you love make you feel bad?
Should the person who loves you make you feel blue?
Should they try to resist all that is true?

Should they look upon another one
because they feel that hurting you would be fun?

When all you want is to hold them tight,
should they push you away with all their might?

Love should make you want to stay,
not cry in shame and run away.

Do they call you names they know will hurt
and treat you like a piece of dirt?

Will they tell you lies and plan to cheat
and do nothing but fill you life with deceit,
all the while stringing you along
because they know what you feel is very strong?

Is it right for them to do as they please
and revel in the glory as they tease?

If this is so there is no hope.
You can decide if you sit and mope
and find yourself in a rut so deep
all for the sake of a love to keep.

Do you give it up even though it's hard
because before long you know they will discard?

It's never enough what you have to give
and you start to exist instead of live.

While they feel they can to and fro
and everything in your face they will throw.

When the time then comes for you to be compared
about intimate things that you have shared
all you felt will slowly wane
because something flicks inside your brain.

Why do you put up with this?
Is this something that you'd miss?

Your worthiness begins to shine
and you recognise your heart was pushed out of line
so you pick yourself up and realise what's true
is what matters deep inside of you!

Everything the fear has squashed
will come back to you and make you feel washed.

Thank you for reading 💖

I started this poem with questions that were running around in my head following the end of the relationship. The questions came from what I was left feeling after the way that I was treated. So many questions, trying to unravel what the mess inside my head was caused by, that I knew isn't right yet allowed to happen. The process then changed, there is a point where what you see is happening is definitely not right for you and there is a point where you are floored by what you put up with in the name of love. Then there is the turning point, acknowledging what the next step may be and if there are doubts, then it can go one way or the other, either way it won't feel the same again. Then, it is a process of knowing that things won't change and whether, as a person in your own right, you are willing to carry on allowing yourself to knowingly let this carry on. Realising. Acknowledging. Clearing. Cleansing.
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