Inversely Paranoid Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Inversely Paranoid

Imagine a world around you
As your thoughts surround
Like a crowd
Of all those strange people
You called strangers
Those you seemingly ignored
As if you were ecstatic to be alone
Amused to live on your phone
But there they were! ..those picture perfect parasites!
Parading the masquerade
Bashing up that invisible  door within
That some ghost had shut and bolted
As we slept helplessly, dreaming within our dreams
And now, suddenly, with ears on either sides
All the 'yours' and 'mines' decode 
Ultrasonic Short Sharp Shockwaves
While they plotted and conspired
You contemplated and perspired
And screamed another scream
In yet another paranoid dream..
That shook you awake
And then you wondered.. why you?
The most wanted soul on their hit list?
Were you the special villain?
Or just another person of your selfish dreams
Harmless dreams with few paranoid screams
That echoed and resonated
Only to make you wonder
What if? They were really good
As you were..
Knocking on lovely souls with a hearty hug
Selling some caring virus for free
Spreading some epidemic of happiness
Laughing out loud
You peep through the keyhole
Seeing another amused eye smile
Saying, you're not at all blissed out fool
Neither a perennially stoned out dreamer
Not a kid you imagined back in school
Nor a stupid soulful sinner
All you need is to search that little void
To be inversely paranoid

Friday, January 4, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: paranoid,positiveness
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