If Poem by Avik Datta Gupta


If you said that "I love you"
Would you really want me to beleive
If you said that "I want you"
Would it mean for me to relive..
The pulse of the feelings thronging me..

If you saw my darkside..
Would you still be thinking the way you do
If you could feel my weakness
What would you do..?

Would you throw some salt on my bleeding wounds..? !
Would you make me drain my feelings away for you
And leave me alone..
Would you spurn on me in public
And break my bones
Would you send me cracking….
Or would you take me home?

If I were a bird, I would chirp a tune for you
If I were the breeze, I would play with your hair
If I were a ring, I'd be wrapped around your finger
If I were a good guy, I'd surely talk more often to you

If you were awfully thoughtful to make me feel near
And if you helped me by making it clear… that I'm never here.
If the moon was not so big..
And if the moon that I see was not so rough
I wouldn't really mind if the Sun wouldn't shine
And I would really mind if nothing was mine

And I'm wondering whom I am writing this for..
If the rose just had thorns
If dreams remained dreams
If one day you learnt to feel
If you knew what was the joke

Hazel Durham 23 September 2012

A powerful poem so deep and insightful, great write!

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