Irish Pub Tale Poem by narayana aghalaya

Irish Pub Tale

Rating: 5.0

Irishman Tony
went to the States, when still young,
earned enough money;
and then when old, as he longed,
returned home, for his swan song.

a village he chose,
then found a home to his taste,
with a pub quite close.
settled down soon, time why waste?
he liked life, to be slow paced.

his daily routine
was, to spend time in the pub,
drink choice beer, three pints
in one go- that was the nub-
saunter home drunk, for his grub.

three more pints sometimes,
in one go, he had the verve,
subject to the climes;
barman would ask: ' can I serve
pint by pint, chilled as deserved? '

the adamant guest,
wanted three pints in one go.
barman let it rest.
'we are three siblings, you know;
to drink together, we vowed.'

the guest continued:
'my siblings, one a sailor
far away, I rue;
the second is a miner;
miss both, but am no whiner.'

barman and others,
whom this sibling love impressed,
left him un-bothered;
but something caused them distress;
clueless minds felt much unrest.

the guest seemed quite fine!
he was regular as always;
but, when the three pints,
became two pints, can we say,
one sibling gone, shouldn't we pray?

they all together,
met the guest, to express grief:
'about your brothers,
when pints cut down, we perceived,
worst has happened, can you brief? '

he said much amused;
'my siblings are fine and kicking;
for sure, pints reduced;
with age, time bomb is ticking;
you see, I just stopped drinking.'

Narayana Aghalaya 14 May 2021

Thank you dear poet. This is a popular Irish tale. Poetry is mine.

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Narayana Aghalaya 14 May 2021


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Varsha M 14 May 2021

A beautiful suspense well written. Nicely penned. Is this based on the crime movie.

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