Irreproachable Essence Of Self-Realization Poem by Paul Amrod

Irreproachable Essence Of Self-Realization

We needn't believe in a philosophy, persuasion or a dogmatic theology.
Our thoughts are personally precious and our own respective property
which guide the maxims and epigrams to behold our metaphysical goals.
Creatively we collect various vantage points in an auspicious analogy
overflowing with conceptions which then enthrall spirits to extoll
presenting solutions relieving a ponderous irreparable quandary.
The autonomy awarded will facilitate all cumbersome thoroughfares
preparing a primrose path toward the wonders of the contrary.
The script of a modernistic prophet appears miraculously inscrolled
imbedded in an immaculate ambience radiantly in mythology.
We heed the environment of candour absolving into mystic airs
tantalizing our perception devoid of lassitude and the customary
doldrums to accentuate our enthused attitude toward cosmology.
Glancing through our telescopic looking glass to become aware
of the clusters which surround our glimpses of a marvelous luminary
phenomena capturing the storyline in a perfect streaming chronology.
Weaving a tapestry with wondrous patterns brings a pessimist to foreswear
his tendencies and to envelop an unequivocal reversal invoking an antithesis.
Detrimental paradigms will be circumvented engendering special care
for his livelihood awakening a bombastic phase resulting in a contributary
latitude as the entire human race will be stimulated into a new genesis.
Grievances will evaporate and condense into the atmosphere and be carried
into the mist of dawn with the morning dew glistening our hearts to console.
A triple rainbow will come into existence to admonish our lovely premise
of leniency allotting the necessary outspokenness as we employ self-control
shedding egoism for a collective union of neighborliness conveying bliss.
We arouse our willfulness as entire humanity bestows faith in the legendary.
Smiling from ear to ear the angels preach forgiveness leaving the nemesis
squandering for revenge for the pillage never occurs and we didn't condone
war as reasoning prevails overbearing the negativity as each chosen adversary
buries his Excalibur and swears by the light of the full moon like a visionary.
The age of nuclear fusion is upon us and the Golden Age of our restless Aquarius.
The struggle is a fabrication to disgruntle the nonthinkers to their bloody bones.
Alleviate yourselves from doom and gloom arising from your ashes like a phoenix.
Take up a well-founded joke and dance in circles claiming all is absurdly hilarious.
Try a new-fangled sprint into the desert and be a defiantly flabbergasted idealist.
We shall remember the Middle Ages with the mystical Hildegard and Nostradamus.
We shall rejoice into the naked Nature listening to Mother Nature's overtones
whistling a Ragtime for a leprechaun not pretending to be a presumptuous realist.

Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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