At The Cosmic Saloon Poem by Paul Amrod

At The Cosmic Saloon

Rating: 4.3

At the cosmic saloon
I drank moonshine till daybreak
I arrived here in pantaloons
with my big and blustery balloon.
At the cosmic saloon
I drink tequila sunrise
Firewater fogs up my eyes
What’s up buckaroo?
When the work is done
When the day is through
We just float on in
Our bartender pours us a round
Of this world’s best gin
Then we fly off to the moon
Kick off our boots and stay awhile
Then we’ll blow up my balloon
We’ll take flight with finesse and style
Take a trip with me short and funny
Playing the pedal steel so sonic
It’s my galactic hideaway
Where my soul can frolic
We left the banks so panicky
All because of Butch Cassidy
No shootouts were taken
while the barrel was broken
Holiday and Hardin have departed
Their dames were abandoned
Left in dreams brokenhearted
Sometimes I have been lonely
Climbing down Nature’s canyons
That’s why I found this place
Where it is always so homey
The coziness a phenomenon
Playing poker without an ace
Keeping an unserious and distant face
Playing rummy and other card games
Watching the door for Jesse James
Playing the pianola with its rolls
with tacks upon the hammers.
Playing old Carmichael’s Stardust
Looking into my brew’s soft foam
Then ol’ Buffalo Bill discussed
his next bluff or big disgrace.
Honky tonkin’ till the cows come home
Yoddlin’ a country blues as we stroll
Keeping a good taste and glamour
Got our square dance in the chamber
Paul Bunyan’s ol’ Sue’s on the roam
The seven dwarfs are in fine rapport
Have a touching good manner
Beautiful dreamer and Ol’ Susannah
are protecting us from danger.
As the strains bring forth the tune
We return to our cosmic saloon
Where no fights are starting a bonanza
Watching the peaceful twilight’s gleam
As the crowds come by in streams
Easing our weary desert blues
Over the prairie and green savanna
At the cosmic saloon
I drank moonshine until daybreak
I arrived here in pantaloons
with my big and blustery balloon.
Then I’ll invite all guests on in
Up, up and away to the evening’s stars
Then we start like Rumpelstiltskin
Learning about hayrides and what’s to make
when all disappears both near and far.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: fantasy
Paul Amrod 28 September 2015

Hi Sranisha, This is a certain variation of a Hillbilly style of writing.I was born near the hillbillies in eastern USA. Warm regards, Paul

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Sranisha Francis 28 September 2015

very beautiful and very imaginary.

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Paul Amrod 23 September 2015

Thanks Kurt and Rajnish for your interest. The basis of this poem came from 1983 and it has sat around since then and I had fun to expand upon it. Greetings, Paul

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Rajnish Manga 23 September 2015

The imagery of the poem and its narrative is very sweet and interesting. The style and your choice of words is just awesome. The description of nature and the mundane activities of life is unique. Thanks. At the cosmic saloon I drank moonshine until daybreak

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Paul Amrod 17 August 2017

Thanks Rajinish, I am actually an ol' Hippy Rocker from Woodstock, New York and as well a symphonic composer of symphonies and concerti and poetry is my passion. Warm regards, Paul P.S. I will look at your poetry gladly, Paul

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Kelly Kurt 23 September 2015

I would like to visit that saloon, Paul.

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Paul Amrod

Paul Amrod

Chateaugay, New York
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