Is Britain Turning Into Some Kind Of A Theme Park? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Is Britain Turning Into Some Kind Of A Theme Park?

By Stanley Collymore

Every time I see the perverse,
self-entitled and avid social
climber woman, the totally
in my estimation of her, undeniably vile
Waitie Katie, plus that dumbo husband
of hers and their three sprogs it simply
rather starkly reminds me, of the quite
charming and outstandingly exclusive
London "official residence" situated in
Kensington Palace which they equally
have allocated as one of their several
homes. Kensington Palace - that was
actually acquired as a direct result of
shares in the notorious Royal African
Company and evidently in which, the
British monarch, and their perceived
royal family quite indisputably had a
monopoly and was actually secured
through their agent, Edward Colston
the infamous nefarious slave owner
from Bristol plus a principal director
in the same Royal African Company.

The luxurious lifestyle of this family:
William, Kate and their sprogs, has
irrefutably come about as a direct
result of the enormous and blood soaked
profits made through the evilly, abhorrent
Transatlantic Slave Trade and the odious
human suffering of significantly, millions
of black people over several centuries. A
monopoly which the British Royal Family
luxuriously basked in and attendant with
the privileged consequences the likes of
William, Kate and their offspring lavishly
happily luxuriate in, notwithstanding the
truly evilly consequences of Kensington
Palace's terrible legacy; that still lingers
on most excruciatingly painful and also
rather enduringly for countless millions
to this very day within the 21st Century.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
26 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Whether it's accepted or not the overwhelming majority of white Britons, plus their Coconut and House Nigger Useful Idiots, are brainwashed into thinking that the UK's monarchy is such an indispensable part of British history, culture and the country's continuing future that it must be retained at all costs and quite ludicrous as well virtually unchanged.

So here's my solution to this impasse as far as those who do not subscribe to the idea that a Middle Ages mind-set monarchy is relevant in the 21st Century and also well aware that there's not going to be any referendum on this matter.

Turn the entire monarchy status quo into a London type Pearlie King and Queen ongoing celebrity showcase with the firstborn of the Windsor family, as is the present case: and whether male, female or transgender, appointed monarch for life, or unless he or she chooses to retire or abdicate, and on their departure whether through death, retirement or abdication, the relevant successor takes over, assuming of course, and why not, they want the job.

Meanwhile the palaces, stately houses and huge multiple estates enjoyed exclusive at present by the Windsor family could be turned into posh financial entities: hotels, recreation areas, whatever that brings in the money and makes them all a massive Disneyland type affair. In addition to all that the really prized assets with their longevity could be turned into 24/7 museums manned by members of the Windsor family as paid employees; enabling them to get off their lazy asses and do some real work for a change, and in the process of so doing pay their taxes like everyone else.

As for the UK's real political situation, those daft enough to could carry on striving for a fairer voting system coupled with true democracy, equality and meritocracy. But why would idiotic Brits go for any of this when the aforementioned systems that I pointed out is making them all money, whether they're actually working or on the dole and these ingrained morons can still carry on being the plebeians, serfs, call them what you will, to their perceived societal better.

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