E Nigma

~is Faith Stupid~ - Poem by E Nigma

Gasping, I awoke in a craft-matic adjustable nightmare
My mummified magnificence weighs me down
Sinking deep into this depression and the feathers
That encompass the entirety of my being

What the hell is happening here on earth?
I mumble to myself while staring at the ceiling blocking
My view to the heavens, open the windows I cried!
And immediately retracted my statement back as fast...

As I could hear the workers in their hard hats whistling Dixie
At what I can only imagine is some vixen on the way
To the bus-stop followed by the sound of the nine to fiver's
Poking holes into the gods footstool while blaring holy diver
On a sound system that no man should have

In walks my mother with a priest who swears...
That he will cast the paralytic devil from my
Broken earthly vessel as he looked me over and said mhmm, I cringed
Sadly though, partially paralyzed, I was in too much pain to laugh

Here I lay, trying to jog through my memory
At what landed me in this situation to begin with
Ah, yes, my imaginative feet weary as I recall a leap of faith
Quite literally, figuratively and simultaneously expressed
I leapt from my plane of existence and landed in this predicament

So there I was sitting in a wheelchair at the mall where
I could feel the pitied hands flow through the eyes of a
Thousand onlookers massaging my ever so limp
Noodle like legs beckoning me to walk again

Under the microscope of there habitual stares
I was boiling over from within and wheeled myself
To the descending escalator that from the ground up
Measured about 40 feet or 4 stories At best
I read that if I had the faith of a mustard seed
I could Move a mountain

I believed it and said to myself I'm gonna wheel
My handicapped helplessness over the edge if
What I read was true my legs on instinct will walk again

I started to count down and realized 1 would never come
So I just did it and in that brief moment the world around me
Froze as I fell through time and it didn't take long before
My mouth was cursing mustard seeds, mountains and the brain within
my head the whole painful way down

Now I'm not saying faith is stupid
But what I am saying is
Trying to trick gravity into
Breaking the laws for faiths sake
Isn't quite brilliance

Topic(s) of this poem: thinking

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 7, 2015

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