Isolation And Dark Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Isolation And Dark

Rating: 4.9

I prefer isolation and dark,
No disturbance from dog’s bark,
Easy escape from assassin’s mark,
No problem for vehicle’s park,
No closing of eyes when ignite the spark,

Darkness where no one can infiltrate,
Not an insect or sound penetrate,
Darkness where I can see only light,
Togetherness with conscious and soul right,
Away from the hustle and no one to fight,

When mind at peace and new horizons open,
Vision spread across and areas widen,
Fear disappears and approaches Bolden,
To attain oneness and opportunity golden,
Appearance of divine power all of sudden,

Concentration of mind and irrelevant things narrow,
No where to go or seek advice or borrow,
Today’s talks today and never to leave tomorrow,
Pointing at the direction and aiming like arrow,
No room for remorse or to feel for sorrow,

Contentment of lust and controlling the anger,
God ideas emanate when itch from hunger,
Not points mistakes by raising small finger,
There will be miraculous escape by cliff hanger,
Free from bondage and nothing to worry from danger,

Prayer in isolation pays more dividends,
It is achievement as if at dead end,
Almighty give you courage and signal send,
Feelers from all sides just to make you bend,
Not how much you live but how do you spend,

Deeper and deeper cutting across lines,
Not fearing for life and any more fines,
Not to wake from concentration even blast in mines,
Not to fall prey even with woman and wine,
Only aim higher to face and not challenge divine,

Kindly to lead from dark shadow to light,
Not undermining the power and not fight,
Wherever little hope appears or come in sight,
Pursue with earnestness and path always right,
Sudden appearance of light may make it bright.

Vinod Karmakar 07 August 2009

good for deep thinking....10

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Vinod Karmakar 07 August 2009

good for deep thinking....10

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Shilpa Maheswari 09 August 2009

it is essential for serious thinking....10

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Kamli Kamal 09 August 2009

helps in thinking straight...10

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Saroj Davde 10 August 2009

we prefer for thinking right...10

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AtreyaSarma Uppaluri 12 October 2009

A sublime and soulful poem with a noble message…accentuated with sweet end-rhymes. #10.

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Patrick A. Martin 03 September 2009

I will take this with me and read it again just before my morning meditation thank you Hasmukh 10

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Pami Panchal 19 August 2009

it is ideal time for thinking....10

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Lalvani Rekha 19 August 2009

ideal place for thinking and planning....10

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Sulochna Pandit 13 August 2009

it is good place n needed....10

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