It's Him I Seek To Please Poem by Gary James Smith

It's Him I Seek To Please

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God spoke this world into existence
The spoken Word was He
Thus He spake and it was established
For time and eternity

Every creature who is born
Here by natural birth
Will give an account of his life
While here on planet earth

Each thought and intent of the heart
Is monitored everyday
Quick and powerful is God's Word
To judge like that! I'll say

To sin and give account for it
Is not a misdemeanor
But great in the sight of our God
Is the action of every sinner

God who spoke this world into existence
And became the living Word
Has tasted death for everyman
Of this we've been assured

He has paid the ultimate sacrifice
By shedding His own blood
And raised Himself from the dead
That True and Living Word

We do not need a notary public
Testifying to that accord
For the Word of God testified to it
That True and Written Word

The spoken Word, the living Word
The written Word was He
All contained within Himself
How marvellous can it be!

Spirit, ah He is that too
The Father and the Son
Spoken, Living, Written Word
All revealed in One

Sin loses all its luster
In the light of this
Why wallow in the mire any longer
When we can know such bliss

O I have my soul a singing
Just on reminiscing
What I was missing not knowing Jesus
This I am confessing

O that grace that sought me
And brought me to my knees
Praise God His love has found me
Now it's Him I seek to please

That passion to tell others
Lord may it never wane
But be my hearts innermost desire
I ask in Jesus's name

Forgive me Lord for wavering
For I'm a blood bought soul
Why should I live life incomplete
When I can be completely whole

Copyright Gary James Smith
Sept 28,2009 4.45 a.m.

Brenda Dillishaw 28 September 2009

that was gr8t poem you have there

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Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

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