(italian Collection) Poems From An Amalfi Coast Holiday 1 - 5 Poem by Janice Windle

(italian Collection) Poems From An Amalfi Coast Holiday 1 - 5

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These poems are from a little book that I am writing and illustrating, about my holiday last week with my lover, Dónall, on the Amalfi Coast. We had a lovely little cabin on the side of the cliffs in Praiano, with a wonderful private balcony. Most of the eleven poems I wrote last week were composed there, in our own little Garden of Eden. This was not a honeymoon but it sealed our feelings for each other and confirmed Dónall as the love of my life.

1. On the Balcony:

Twined our hearts and bodies
twined like vines
and morning glory leaves...

Fragile blue stars peer
Into sparkling air.
Calm and clear,
the sea washes with love
our summer shore.

2. Travellers:

You read, I paint...
you away, in Pompeii,
I here, but far out to sea...

You bring me news
of goings-on in Napoli
in a distant century...

I nod, store information...
you admire my evocation
of our here and now...

3. Towers

Along the coastline of Amalfi stand the towers
beckoning with ever-open arms
barbarians, or tourists as we're called today,
Tempting us with sun and sparkling sea
to come and play.....

4. haiku

sky's eye passionate
gazing on land the sun loves...
white noon heat pours down.

5. Seascape

Sapphires scattered on silver satin
diamonds seething on steel
under the burnished sky.

Sun's furnace strong
after last night's storm,
glares on the bright sea's pathway

crossed by grey-blue shapes of boats
which we view past vines
and our own lazy feet
propped on rails of olive wood.

Onelia Avelar 26 October 2008

All the five are brilliant, I also tend to like the last one mostly, because it is very accomplished and tasteful. I am curious to see this little book with your lovely illustrations. Hope to see it soon (at least on Internet) .

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Tango 24 October 2008

These 5 poems are really great, my favourite is no.5 Well done, an excellent little book. Tango.

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