(winter Poems) Dreaming Of A White Christmas Poem by Janice Windle

(winter Poems) Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Rating: 4.6

Has it all been said?
The Winter Wonderland,
the landscape under coverlet,
dreaming in a soft white bed.

The crack
breaks the underwater silence:
the sound of branches bending
under unaccustomed weight.
See the tips of bamboo leaves
dark against the purity:
cloak of virgin crystals that lies
on all the branches in the quiet garden.

A Christmas scene?
too seldom seen,
relic of happy childhood,
the short-lived beauty
that dissolves before our eager eyes.

Meggie Gultiano 24 November 2007

We dont have white christmas here, Janice, still we sing here this song..our christmas is celebrated in simple style..needles to say, we celebrate it because it is our Saviour's birthday Nice write here..

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Original Unknown Girl 26 November 2007

Sigh...... the sugar coated dusting of a snow-covered scene catch my breath every time! You captured it all here Jan, as only an artist can. Let's hope we get our dream eh? HG: -) xx

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Patrick McFarland 08 December 2007

Fantastic imagery. I like the way you relate the passing season with the passage from carefree childhood to that of adulthood. This is an easy 10.

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R H 08 December 2007

The subtle comparisons between a winter scene and the passing of time as we get older is beautifully done. The transient nature of life and those all important magical memories mirrored in a winter wonderland - stunning Jan. jz xx

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juaco 22 January 2019

dis help me in school

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Andrew Del Pilar 04 December 2012

It is a nice poem because it is about Christmas!

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Reshma Ramesh 01 December 2008

paints a lovely Christmas picture...........beautiful

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Emily Oldham 28 August 2008

Wow! This poem is really lovely- next time it snows during Christmas I'll read this poem again...thanks

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Fred Babbin 10 December 2007

You have a way with words worth studying.

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