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(growing Pains) Age Shall Not...

Rating: 3.4

Aging, I look in the mirror.
There I see my future
etched in lines that
my fingertips struggle to accept.

When I first traced them, eyes closed,
I knew the time was near
when I would avoid mirrors.

I shall depend
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Kesav Easwaran 22 April 2009

beautiful write...reflective of your true loving, compromising mind...no wrinkles seen there...10

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Patrick McFarland 01 October 2009

Oh wow! This is such a beautiful poem Janice, but sadly, I can only give it a ten. :)

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Indira Renganathan 06 September 2009

It is always sensible to accept aging...as it is God's process....nicely written

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Susan Jarvis 14 July 2009

Whenever I see the word mirror next to the word age, it reminds me of 'the terrible fish' of Sylvia Plath's poem. The admirable 'Growing Pains' is on route to erasing such a memory - mirror plus age now equals legendary beauty. Thank you, Janice! S :)

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u are magnificent and beautiful as the poem itself..well done

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Onelia Avelar 26 April 2009

Ah, If only the magazines for women were full of poems like this instead of advices how to keep the skin taut, i think the women would be more lovable, more tender and more loving themselves and giving more love to the others... It is kind of a recipe for youth, but given very discreetly and elegantly. I like the beginning very much - it starts with an accent - the toughest word is in the very beginning, its like a red blot 'Aging, i look in the mirror', but step by step you tone down its effect and leave a wonderful picture in mind...

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