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I work hard on it :) no time for writing my memoirs!

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Sun Sand Sea

Honey from the sky,
sugar under feet,
warm turquoise tea.

I let my senses revel in
a territory of tranquility.
In modern temples
of sun, sand and sea,
where all believers,
all tourists-pilgrims
lie almost nude
instead of going
down on knees.

I joined the multitude
becoming follower
of antique Epicurus'
school in Greece.

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Ivan Donn Carswell 07 September 2008

Onelia is an accomplished poet with an original and distinctive style. While English is not her first language she achieves an economy of expression worthy of special recognition - her word usage is essentially simple but she paints brilliant, evocative scenery which leaves a lasting impression. I enjoy reading Onelia's work and look forward to many return visits... Regards, Ivan

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 August 2008

Wounderful idea is expressed in Rusume, enjoyed this different dimention.

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Flora Gillingham 07 April 2008

The most valuable gifts come in the smallest boxes! Reading One's poems, I understand the meaning of the proverb. :)

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Poet from a border region between East and West. Rich in Middle European culture, with some old empires in the background. Her love for classicism carries her even to Greece. She has got contacts even close to other movements, however is a neo lyric.

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Jerry Hughes 02 June 2008

Delightful lady, I look forward to 'comparing notes' post the open heart surgery I'm about to undertake. I like your mind and the way you write. See you whenever? Fondly, Jerry

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I just cant stop reading your poems! Each work brings something new and lively.

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Captivating! ! Thanks for sharing your poem. I will read most of your poems and post my comments. Cheers!

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Captivating! ! Thanks for sharing your poem. I will read most of your poems and post my comments. Cheers!

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T McH 11 April 2009

I will always return to ONE of the most unique wordsmiths on PH. Thank you for being you, Onelia. t x

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p.a. noushad 13 February 2009

your poems still haunting my heart.

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