Jackie Robinson…an American Hero Poem by Stanley Cooper

Jackie Robinson…an American Hero

Rating: 3.9

He never asked to be a hero
For him, playing ball would be just fine
Potentially his chance was less than zero
To overcome that black-white racist line

Unlike Duke, Dimag and Mickey
Jackie entered through back doors
The stage was set by Mr. Rickey
For Robinson to fight that Civil War

Sports, they say, mirrors society
So, they should have hung their heads in shame
For what was then America's propriety
Brought prejudice to every game

The Brooklyn Bums, at long last, found salvation
When Robinson's talents were revealed
With the awesome double-play combination
Reese and Jackie brought to Ebbetts Field

Stealing fan's hearts with baseball fire
Displaying skills in every way
Robinson played with such desire
Stealing bases most every day

They could never expect fom him the expected
He turned the most racist hate to love
And finally he was most respected
Respect that came from more than bat and glove

For Jackie, baseball was more than just a game
He opened doors for Campy, Mays and others
Number 42, now in the Hall of Fame
Proved men of all colors could play in life as brothers

He never asked to be a hero!

lg9016755 08 February 2019

I was wondering if you could put more about this author because I have a book report due and I need more info on the author.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 02 January 2006

Stanley, what a tribute! Love it, love it, love it! Good write AND historic. LSP

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