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Punctuation, stepchild tool of writing
Does not get it’s write-ful due
If we stopped this literate slighting
It would be a literal coup

Is it really so depraving
I like to eat a lot?
The thought of food I’m craving
Just ties me in a knot

To artistic integrity
I make no claim
Rhyming eccentricity
Is more my game

“The war to end all wars” they said
And were naively believed
By those who now are honorably dead
Never knowing they were deceived

When I was youthful
I was thoughtfully agile
To be perfectly truthful
I'm now thoughtfully fragile

He never asked to be a hero
For him, playing ball would be just fine
Potentially his chance was less than zero
To overcome that black-white racist line

To awaken from our life-long dream
And discover the world as it is
We would receive a reality gleam
That reality is well worth the miss

They keep it so well hidden
This trait they won’t admit
In this family it’s forbidden
To ever mention it

The plays of Shakespeare are thrilling
Including Macbeth and King Lear
I will never be ready or willing
To trash the great Bard’s career


Chips are found on a hostile one’s shoulder
When very irate, they’re large as a boulder
Also spotted in a golfer’s short swing
We see they’re around most any old thing

The working class through the nose pay
For rising prices prices every day
Their savings diminished bit by bit
Need a consumer's advocate

Stand-up comedians so funny
Joke around to earn their money
They’re never funny sitting down

Species apart are oranges and apples
Yet they’re frequently compared
In illogical grapples


Why would an ethical woman or man
Join the villainous Ku Klux Klan?
The K K K, with repulsive licentiousness
Works at evil with base conscientiousness

We never thought they'd disappear
We took them all for granted
But now long gone, it seems quite clear
They've been permanently supplanted

I recall when books were read
Television's now watched instead
Down the tube our culture's heading
Brain paralysis is what it's spreading

George W Bush must bare the blame
For his disingenuous warring game
This macho cowboy, with no remorse
Insanely shouts, “Let’s stay the course”

Most small guys, with fervent vigor
Avoid fights with those much bigger
Preferring not to fight at all
When looking up at six feet tall


What’s so unique in the music called Jazz
Is the spontaneity no other music has
Without spaces and bars, the artists succeeded
No written notes were musically needed

“Heavens to Betsy”, has prompted this question
What about Betsy caused this expression?
How did she rate this “promised-land” present?
This gift from the Gods so particularly pleasant

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A retired old guy, writing poems for the joy of it. Now joyfully living and playing Texas Hold-em in Las Vegas An Air Force veteran of World War Two...In Army of Occupation in Tokyo, Japan)

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Punctuation, stepchild tool of writing
Does not get it’s write-ful due
If we stopped this literate slighting
It would be a literal coup

The period we see as a dot
Has such a vital essence
The reason we use it a lot
Is to forestall a run-on sentence.

Colons: are sometimes used
To act as sentencing braces
Colons called semi; help us fuse
Connecting multiple phrases

To combine a compound adjective
The hyphen-comes into play
Question marks? are for the inquisitive
While commas, show delay

If writing is your avocation
And hope writing you will master
Punctuate with punctuation
Averting literal disaster

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coopoer 26 June 2018

fat retarddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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logan paul 31 January 2018

amazing poem just the best

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Sallie Howson 10 May 2007

thoroughly enjoying reading your poetry. sallie

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Michael Shepherd 10 January 2006

Hi Stanley. I enjoy your lively mind and wish I'd come to your poems earlier... but here I am now. It does you credit, and all power and good health to you. Take care. Michael

12 13 Reply
G. Murdock 12 December 2005

A renaissance man and wordman of impeccable wit. This is how a review of your work would read if it were written by me. I enjoyed all of your works. Thanks for your poetry Mr. Cooper

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Stanley Cooper Popularity

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