Jan To June Poem by Ojok Isaac

Jan To June

January, I read the news
About COVID 19 in 🇨🇳 China
It was in Wuhan
And it was a...new virus

In February I saw from Aljazeera
People we're dying in Wuhan
And the tentacles of the virus
Was moving silent to other lands

In March, people where dying
In Italy in large number
And Europe was swallowing the virus
Americans were dancing with it

In March, everyone began to panic
For real,it was a pandamic
Infected people were becomingmore and more
Souls were leaving bodies

In March I realize people love God
When they're troubled
I also realized we are all human
And we're all vulnerable

Flu rarely kills an African
But this was more like pneumonia
It was in March that even Africans
Felt the arrogance of corona virus

In April, US became the epicenter
Of the virus that came from China
And yet China was gettingbetter
But they were still accusing each other

All terrorist had suspended
Their operations, but...
They we're still fightingsilently
Instead of getting along and find away
To destroythis virus

In April... I was scared
The virus was moving like wild fire
Although it had no legs but for human nature
we never followed the guidelines

In May... We died on the streets
Cause doctors and nurses
Were running away from the infected
But there was a disease more deadly than COVID 19
That was femine and hunger

In June... Maybe they'll get the vaccine
Or a drug that can cure people.

Friday, April 17, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: disease
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