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Jane Doe - Poem by Bragg Adocio

Jane doe came into my room last night in search of a good time. She came into my bed last night and sent scars running down my spine.

Jane doe came into my room last night and wrapped her arms around me in knots so tight that even rope can't breathe. she grabbed ahold of my lungs last night and dared me to breathe.

And here I am, trying to darwin myself up some gills and hope that they work in the vacuum of space.

Jane doe took my breath away last night and sweared she'd never let go of me.

I am no astronaut,

I am not Chris brown, jane doe, idk what it is like to breathe with no air. And I dnt plan on finding out tonight.

Jane Doe came into my room last night to wrap her legs around me. She released my lungs, loosened her knot, and decided it'd be more fun for her if she simply retarded my ability to walk.

Jane doe came into my home last night and cut off my circulation, as if I forgot to pay the bill. But I hav the post-it note right here, there's no way I could've forgot!

Jane doe squeezed me tightly last night and promised to hold me down forever, to give me steel roots in the bedrock.

Jane doe, I'll remember her forever as the one who made my knees lock.

Jane doe came into my room last night to show me a good time, hold me down, take my breath away, send scars ripping through my skin to serve as gills, and swear she'll never leave me.

Jane Doe crept into my dreams last night..... and only my sheets believe me. 

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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