Jersey Folk Poem by Richard Jarboe

Jersey Folk

No matter what's taken
No matter what's shaken
Jersey finds a way.

Want to put the ball in the hoop?
Call Shaquille O'Neal.
Need a pilot to land on the moon
Let Buzz Aldren take the wheel.

Need a laugh, call Jerry Lewis anytime.
Need help for math, call Einstein,
Living in the dark? Call Edison,
When the going gets tough, call Swartzkoph.

No matter what's shaken
No matter what's taken,
Jersey finds a way

Need a voice to light up the scene
Call Springsteen
Need a voice for a summertime song
Call Sara Vaughan.

If you play stock market poker
I suggest you call Paul Volker.
If you need a voice to sing about a river
Paul Robeson will deliver.

Rock and Roll singers are everywhere
Too many rappers to boast
And if you want to dance till you drop
I suggest the Wildwood Coast

No matter what's taken
No matter what's shaken
Jersey finds a way.

Like football? Call Vince Lombardy
Like boating? Call Admiral Halsey
Like money? Steve Forbes is pretty smart,
Like ballads? Dionne Warwick can break your heart.

Like acting watch Merle Streep
Like cowboys? How 'bout Lee Van Cleef?
Like mysteries, Janet Evanovich is prolific
Like jazz, Count Basie's terrific.

Showbiz people are too many to count,
From the Chairman to the Boss
And don't forget it was Clara Barton
Who started the Red Cross.

My apologies to those of you I did not list
I know everybody here is good for somethun
And to each and every one of you I've missed
Like the Chairman says, the best is yet to come

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