Richard Jarboe Poems

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Everybody Is Getting Out Of Town

Population, getting out of town,
Population, got their running shoes,
Population, wondering which road to choose,
Everybody's getting out of town.

That's What Makes America Cool, You Know?

With apology to Bruce Willis...

we don't wrap our women up in burkas,
we like bikinis on the beach,

United We Stand

What good does it do,
To profile each other?
Our roots are the same,
Our blood the same color.

When You Ride With Betty Ann, Close Your Eyes

When you ride with Betty Ann close your eyes,
Riding with Betty Ann better keep them closed,
Betty Ann doesn't drive; Betty Ann flies,
Crash dummy rolling down the road.


There's a thin line between the poet and the bum,
Usually both are broke,
In boxing circles, there's the bum of the month,
And like the poet, considered a joke.

Just An Old Hippie In A Vw Bus

I got patches on my jeans
Roach clip on the dash
LSD, mushrooms, reefer and hash
I've been to California, been to Mexico too


Nothing to fear but fear itself,
Fear itself is nothing to fear,
Nothing to fear but fear itself,
Fear itself is nothing to fear.

Gold Miner's Fantasy

I know this may come as a total surprise
But the gold in the field shines like your eyes
If only I could bring together the two
I'd waltz across the gold field with you.

I'm In Heaven, But I Got A Bad Knee

I'm in Heaven, but I got a bad knee
Heaven, but I got a bad knee
I'm in Heaven with my family
Heaven, but I got a bad knee.

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