Jesus Was Rjected Poem by Susan Wall

Jesus Was Rjected

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The Jews would not accept their own as Lord and King

that who we know as Jesus you see.

They said crucify Him, they could not believe

that the King of the Jews would love the ones

who messed up not even hope would heal.

Jesus went out searching looking for that lost sheep.

There was the lost that desperately went searching

for that man from Galilee knowing He was the one that

set the captives free from their life of regret and pain.

Yet even in Jesus day there was those

who did not care about dying world.

Jesus cared and came to earth to save this world

sad to say the morals of this world is coming to an end.

When the trumpet of the Lord show sound

will you ready to meet the Lord?

We cannot afford to be like the Jews

that rejected the Lord, He is coming back soon.

The Bible speaks when the moon turns red

Doom on this world is on its way.

I pray that all that reads this poem today

will know this is just not

a another preaching day.

This may be your last day let

Jesus come in and live in your heart today.

Copyright c Susan Wall 4-25 -2014

Friday, April 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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