Jewelry Of Servant Poem by Shakira Nandini

Jewelry Of Servant

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I was an autonomous human; I was moving wherever openly.
I haves numerous social,
I met with each body with grin,
I adored my country,
I adored my country,
I prided my way of life,
I have gone all over,
in any case, I not feel myself great,
in which I lived on my country,
I went the highest point of sends and sang song's,
I felt spare my self in the lap of mountains,
I live up on the highest point of mountains adored the sight (scene)of homeland,
the offspring of country adored me,
the senior citizens regard me,
each body trusted that I will study and assume higher position at that point served my territory,
help poor people,
bolster the lowers,
offer sensitivity to orphan's,
regard the older's,
help the kids in their instruction,
give employments the jobless young people,
make new things,
my name will be on the highest point of rundown on the planet,
to stand our country shoulder to bear with other country,
make out renegades (trailer's)from the land,
place sends in to the stomach of the trailer's,
expedite the general population reality way,
regard the law, make companionship between the general population,
finally I was straightforward with my country and homeland,
my still, small voice was live,
there was nothing awful in my expectation,
I was living for country and to kick the bucket for homeland,
I needed to touch the stars on the sky,
I needed tell the world we are a live country,
we need live on our country as a live country,
we need stand shoulder to bear with different countries,
I needed make out country from obliviousness.
I was hunting down astuteness,
astuteness was closest from me,
I was looking it,
I was moving its side,
I was feeling bliss,
also, there was grinning waves proceeding onward my face,
there was light squinting on my fore head.
I was feeling that I'm flying;
I was holding the banner of opportunity, all of a sudden the adornments of hireling was blocked (encompass)me. I wasn't prepared for that and I didn't consider it.
dressed my eyes with dark wrap,
weared cuff staring me in the face,
tied my legs with chain,
torchard my head,
mentally conditioned my brain,
plunged my body,
I was looking my home tumbling down, companions leaved fellowship, social leaved relationship, in this time there was nobody to help me. For the pass on they kept before me a difficult demise,
what's more, for experience the adornments of hireling.
I should pick one from them,
my brain was not working by the reason of hurt,
my body was trembling,
dressing of gauze on my eyes each side was dull,
I was seeing nothing,
my tongue clucked,
my hears are crushed,
my hands were left working,
my legs couldn't move,
at that point wear me the gems of worker.
Avarice stands my companion,
my heart passed on,
they make me a pioneer.
Presently wearing the gems of worker I'm administering on my country.
I don't need poor youngsters get great instruction to remain on my way.
I need instruct that class of kids their folks are wearing "gems of hireling" and stand shoulder to bear with me.
I don't care for that young get astuteness. Since I turn out fortune from homeland stomach.
On the off chance that adolescent get knowledge, it is important they will remain on my way,
they don't enable me to do what I need,
I don't care for it,
presently who will discuss opportunity,
I outline it as a savagery,
who will discuss instruction,
I will dress his mouth,
who will discuss association,
I will cut that chain,
who will discuss astuteness,
I expel him from the way,
who will discuss value,
I cut his tongue,
who will discuss rights,
I drive him in torchar cells,
Since I'm an inhabitant of this place.
I'm the proprietor of this land.
What's more, I weared the "gems of worker".
On the off chance that you need companionship with me at that point wear the "gems of hireling" as well.
I will wear you the abundance of gems.
Presently you have just a single way expel me from my way or I expel you from your way.

- Shakira Nandini

Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cruelty,helplessness
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