Shakira Nandini Poems

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Important Things In Life

The most important TIME in your life is now;
The most important QUESTION in your life is
"What are you going to do now and
In the future? "

Delicate Girl

In a harsh tone that breaks,
I am that delicate girl

This is your city, here are your people!

I Found

My World Is So Beautiful

Friend, I don't know where I am
I am a diamond, a pearl, no, it is obvious
I collide in the vein with desires
I am an empty house

To Live With You

To live with you is the thing that I need all my life
I petition God for the day when we would be a couple
Having intercourse to all of you night long kissing
Letting our affection to stream inside

Selfishness In Love

"Even if you don't accept my proposal for love,

I have ownership of your memories.

Jungle Of Hope

I'm lost in the jungle of hope
I have lost myself
The shadow of happiness has turned its face
I have awakened a new wave of sorrow

In Love, With Love.

Those sentiments,
of the love and hatred,
And, the containment,
of charm and anger,

How Far

That Is Called Love

Profit aside from the loss
Beyond the server and ah
Wandering around the candle
Burning in a blazing fire

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