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The most important TIME in your life is now;
The most important QUESTION in your life is
"What are you going to do now and
In the future? "

In a harsh tone that breaks,
I am that delicate girl

This is your city, here are your people!

Friend, I don't know where I am
I am a diamond, a pearl, no, it is obvious
I collide in the vein with desires
I am an empty house

To live with you is the thing that I need all my life
I petition God for the day when we would be a couple
Having intercourse to all of you night long kissing
Letting our affection to stream inside

"Even if you don't accept my proposal for love,

I have ownership of your memories.

I'm lost in the jungle of hope
I have lost myself
The shadow of happiness has turned its face
I have awakened a new wave of sorrow

Those sentiments,
of the love and hatred,
And, the containment,
of charm and anger,

Profit aside from the loss
Beyond the server and ah
Wandering around the candle
Burning in a blazing fire

Listen, this hunger is very cruel! !
How does it relate to any sect or religion?

In the tormented intestine when the flame of hunger ignites

In a moment's run a worn out body
I wake up yet dozing body
Any individual who looks uninformed
One such thing is drained body

The habit of laughing
and then crying
It was never like that

Make it look like a rose in the fall.
That's awesome,
Keep the lamp burning in the wind.
That's awesome,

See me beneath my navals
As my navals
There is likewise my womb

He stated that you become a precious stone
I wish that
When personage sees you
So let the light sparkle on you

The gargantuan commotion,
contusions, and rugged muscles-bones
The liquid plasma that shoots out
from unlocked and unbar lesions

To feel your mouth
on top of my mouth
your succulent lips
pressed into my lips

In my heart's book
I placed you with dignity

In my each memory

I became defamed
by falling in the trap
of his love,

Shakira Nandini Biography

I am model and dancer in Portugal. My father was belong to Lahore, He was Migrated Muslim, formerly from Bangalore, India and my beloved late mother was converted Hindu, based in Lahore, Pakistan. I born in Lahore and brought up in Russia. Later, I moved with my mother to Philippine for a higher secondary education. My parents got separated when I was only 12. I started her Career in 2001 from Singapore as a model and also appeared in dance programs. Later I joined as an actress/dancer and model in Svet modelek, Czech Republic. In 2013 I embraced Hinduism. My belief: Hinduism is truly a most powerful religion and philosophy of thought, and of life itself. It is so great and so vast, that it will take a genius to understand and absorb everything. But it is also so simple and logical, that it appeals to the most ignorant and innocent of people as well. It all depends upon the extent to which you're ready to walk on the journey of discovery.)

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Important Things In Life

The most important TIME in your life is now;
The most important QUESTION in your life is
"What are you going to do now and
In the future? "
The most important ACTION in your life is
The most important PERSON in your life is you.
Therefore don't procrastinate;
Know what you are going to do
Think things through
And love yourself in order to love another

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Parkash 09 September 2020

You have converted to Hinduism, I congratulate you

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Adarsh Sinha 25 August 2019

Excellent poem, her heart apperars to be full of love and she understands the passion behind love. great poem and an excellent human being

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ilyas 13 August 2019

wao nyc poetry dear i love poetry

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Subhan Talash 28 November 2017

Energetic & New Blood. welcome Shakira

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Shakira Nandini Quotes

Less is learned and age passes in the event that one gains from one's own insight, and a ton can be learned in a brief time frame on the off chance that one uses the experience of others.

When a person takes the initiative to get rid of resentment, it does not mean that he was wrong, but it does mean that he loves relationships more than ego.

Relationships are like trees in human life. Sometimes we cut them for our benefit, but when the scorching sun of time begins to burn us, we run for a relationship for the sake of the shadow.

One of your words can be wound and ointment. You have the option.

Take great care of 2 people in life. The first one who lost everything for your victory. 'Your father.' The second is the one whose prayers you won everything. 'Your mother'

Criticism of others should not be for the satisfaction of one's ego, but for the betterment of their consciousness. Silence is better than criticism that is directed at anger, revenge, or self-indulgence.

Outrage consistently comes alone, yet when it disappears it conveys with it the excellence of man's astuteness, ethics and character.

Irritation is very dangerous. Whether it is for the body or the emotions, there is a cure for body irritation. There may be an ointment, but there is no cure for the burning sensation of feeling, only the spray of loving words can reduce the burning sensation of feeling.

The venom of snakes doesn't have as much impact as the impact of human envy

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Shakira Nandini Popularity

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