Joe Went Dirty: On Leviathan Gas Field Pipeline Poem by Terence George Craddock

Joe Went Dirty: On Leviathan Gas Field Pipeline

there are people who believe
that oil and gas prices have nothing
to do with politics; that Presidents

in powerful countries
do not influence oil prices
some people think it is

all due to greedy oil companies

quick review the Israeli Leviathan
Gas Field off the coast of Israel
the changing political influences

Israeli Leviathan Gas Field
quoting the start of the article
'While serving as vice

president under Barack Obama,
Joe Biden emerged as a vocal
supporter of the Eastern Mediterranean

gas pipeline that would connect Israel's
offshore gas reserves to Europe.
The long-planned project that would

run from Israeli waters through Cyprus
and Greece, then onwards into Europe,
had bipartisan support in the US.''

roll in 2020 with the backing
of former president Donald Trump's
administration; three countries

signed an agreement aiming
to complete the roughly $6 billion
pipeline by 2025; but President

shifty Joe Biden had a change of heart?

US officials informed Israel
and Greece that the US would
no longer support the project;

citing environmental concerns
over impacts at odds with Joe's
admin move dumping fossil fuels...

the Council on Foreign Relations
said it was "a bizarre thing"
for Biden's administration to tell

its allies that it no longer supported
the pipeline given the timing and optics...
a strange oil barrel policy reversal

government US admin had
repeatedly called for Europe
to wean itself off of Russian

natural gas amid a potential
Ukraine invasion had long sought
to pursue its broader interests

in the Middle East by promoting
energy co-operation between
its regional partners but Joe dealt

a wild joker political card
side bets off the table?
politics at play underhand?

'From on to off: why Biden went
cold on the Mediterranean gas
pipeline from Israel' decision bites

Russia invades Ukraine
war Ukraine goes hot very hot
Putin holds key bargain chip

Europe dependent
on Russian natural gas
winter chock hold

Europe cold winter face
freezing can Bidden
hear cold winter curses?

Terence George Craddock (Afterglows Echoes Of Starlight)
Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Inspired by source 'From on to off: why Biden went cold on the Mediterranean gas pipeline from Israel ( ' Complete version of the split images 'Joe Biden Makes: A Disaster Gas Pipeline Blunder' and 'Political Shock Waves: Joe Bidden Canned Leviathan Gas Field Pipeline', by the poet Terence George Craddock. Written in May 2023 on the 18.5.2023.
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