John Chizoba Vincent Cares Poem by john chizoba vincent

John Chizoba Vincent Cares

I have emerged from elughu Nkporo to take my place
My life depends on you while yours on me
When the left hand washes the right hand
The right hand in turns washes the left
Have we not but only one world and time
John chizoba Vincent cares about your love
Painted white and green in your snowing heart
Hold not your peace until I become the hero
Until the world recognizes my voice
Then I would write about your love
Though it may seems far, wait
Though it may look difficult, wait
Though the dog might watch our back, I care
Beat the drum louder because I won't let you down
I would watch over your head brother, and mother you
Sister, I would father you and give you hope
John chizoba Vincent, cares about you mother
My erudite biro can write about you
I remained in the class room but not the perfect teacher
Come with me I will show you what words can do
War of words wars in the faculty of my heart
From my humble heart are good thought for you
My students tested my words and were awarded
I would water your soul to rest when due
Sound the beat of life and dance with one leg up
I cares about your life and future, mother.
That is my last will long after I live
The birds hadn't begun to chirp when
I was born because I met them without a song
Though my voice is still young to glow
But my love will overshadow soon
Vincent cares mother, Vincent knows your worth
The forbidden pains of motherhood is not erased in
My mind, Vincent cares

Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Paul Ndubuisi 01 December 2015

This is paul , for now am short of word to describe the excitement I felt reading this piece , I guess I will come back to comment when I find the right words to describe your literal prowess .

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Mantu Mahakul 26 October 2014

From my humble heart good words for you. Very excellent work shared on the desk. Nice job on sharing.

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