Join The Others Poem by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Join The Others

"Join the others.
The ones doing their best.
To hush and smother up,
Their sighing and wounded tears."

Incredible are the lies.
With an ease to begin,
When children to tell them.
Innocently enough,
To return a smile.
And an approving grin.
Teaching them manipulation,
Is part of life.
Accepted and endorsed to be okay.
Throughout their adult life,
To practice until perfected.

This doing eventually,
Is felt to be an attribute.
A talent and a skill.
Knowing which lies to tell.
And when to use them to abuse,
Common sense to have never...
Been shown or introduced to it.

Defended become the liars.
By those victimizing themselves.
Not to know to them sold,
Lies to sell with a doing this well.

That day does to them come.
Done to stun, shock and disbelieve.
A loyalty given to one who tricks.
Has left them grieving.
Without empathy.
Sympathy or forgiveness to receive!

But you must understand.
I believed what I was told.-

"Join the others over there.
Not caring at all,
What the truth for them had been.
Share their box of tissue."

-But I...
I'm telling you,
I did not know or had a clue...
I was used to be tricked,
Hoodwinked and duped.-

"Join the others.
The ones doing their best,
To hush and smother up...
Their sighing and wounded tears.
Who knows...
How long the feeling of guilt,
Comes to stay before it goes.
And please...
Wipe your nose.
Stop acting like a child.
Your decision made with the others,
Has long been exposed."

L Milton Hankins 01 October 2020

Nice flow. I like this poem because it gives good, sound advice, and it held my attention longer than most poems that run down a page do.

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