Jolly Roger Poem by Margy Crumb

Jolly Roger

i'm having a horrible craving.
neck was TOO tight, so i cut it.
you f*cking klepto, die in a fire,
peace be with you, find comfort sweet
near to the heart of God.

God will forgive anybody:
an uncut diamond
not showing the prized optical properties
of cut and polished versions,
Wind-blown grass in the Valles Caldera,
car exhaust,
bug sprays,
two 5mg doses of Adderall IR.
God loves us all.

Thank you! sweet friends
my body is decomposing.
no, I don't have a disability,
'this ship is controlled by pirates'
that's just life.

there is no real secret to feeling OK.
I know I would be a better person if I used ritalin everyday.
When sin is gone, all hiding will be gone.
A juxtaposition of Hope and Peace.
the better you understand something the more OK it turns out to be.
there has to be a reason.

no, I don't have a disability.
maybe I don't know what I'm talking about;
a sweetener not
permitted to be used in
foods in the U.S.
Brass knuckles,
Very Heavy & Warm.
I just learned something new! ha
I don't cry

I always try to make you my number one priority.
(ended up burning the gold inside me to ashes,)
I guess it is important, so I need to know
(What you thinking about?)
Do you cry a lot?
(What you thinking?)
(What you thinking about?)

only losers cry
only when i'm sad
i cry blood
I don't wish to answer.
Pull over
i'm crying right now

wake up
Heavy & Warm
things are going to be OK.
Hey- i sent this to myself

Monday, December 26, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: god
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