Huseyin Abudharr Ali Diakides

London, UK
Huseyin Abudharr Ali Diakides
London, UK
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Journey Of Love

If an ant was taken across the Sahara,
From the Red Sea coast to the Atlantic shores,
It'll find it's way over infinite grains of sand,
Nothing can lead it astray from loves course,

For love is a homesickness even if its a home,
That you have never set eyes on like Bani Isra'il
Besides the river Tigris or the Euphrates,
For even what your eyes have never seen your heart can feel,

But the ant has the sun to guide its way,
But what of the traveller of the heart he has no guide,
He must either traverse endless distances without direction,
Or allow his heart to accept what it knows deep inside,

Perhaps I continue this journey for your sake,
Because you probably have more to loose if I reverse,
I stand to loose someone who never loved me,
You will loose someone who loves you more than anything on earth,

Why what is an endless journey anyway?
Even when it's destination may be just a mirage,
But oh what a mirage an illusion of ecstasy,
So what they're impossibly high the poets still reach for the stars.

Was reaching the land of the Han not a fantasy,
To the Venetians far from the legand of the great khan?
If i can't make my destination then why else would I love,
When all it does is hurt, no the longing is its own charm?

How can chasing miracles be not worth all oblivion?
I'd rather feel the burning of impossible desire,
Than to feel nothing at all but a flicker of love,
Even if it's the tormentful burning of an undousable fire.

Every thought I manifest is a thought of you,
Wherever I go your essence will still surround me,
So where could I go if I decided to quit my journey?
Even if I did and accept my fate, my heart would still continue without me,

Think with all sense and logic how could the Trojans
Have fallen for Odysseus's horse if it wasn't for denial faking
A blind love and yearning after years for peace and victory,
Causing their own destruction and annihilation,

Love can turn the most wise into a blundering fool,
Unable to distinguish between dream and reality,
You can spend your life fearing being hurt,
But to have never felt such a hopeless love is tragedy

I walk my endless road blind to all warning,
My penrose staircase is a joy to climb,
Even though I cross the pain barrier it still hurts,
But to give up on love is an unforgivable crime.

Maybe it's pitiful to not be put out of this misery,
Still I keep on going though I can't say why,
I can't even remember how it all started,
So how can I know how to finish all I can do is try,

Loves road is a road to paradise for certain,
For what earthly desire could be a greater location?
It burns with a passionate devotion and yet,
I have to stay patient and control the overflowing anticipation,

And I'm trapped in the deepest of wells,
Slipping and falling every time I try to climb,
The water is rising and one day it will take me under,
But what else can i do but wait for that time.

Is this insanity as it fits the very definition,
Addicted to this constant fruitless toil,
Loves fire burns in uncontrollable anguish,
But the only liquid that I can douse it with is oil.

So I take another step along this solo caravan,
Meaningless yet nothing could be so meaningful,
I choose to not wake up and return to reality,
For how could I not chase my dream when I dream of you?
Sunday, February 28, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: romance,romantic,heartbroken,blind love,love,heartache,heartbreak

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