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British poet who speaks about love, Islam, politics and life.

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The Best Poem Of Huseyin Abudharr Ali Diakides

Two Words

The World stops spinning,
The clocks stop ticking,
I no longer hear the rain,
Life is frozen, I'm no longer living.

7 billion people disappear,
Like they no longer exist,
And I wish for nothing,
For what could be beyond this?

Only this room is real now,
All sounds other than your voice
Are simply forgotten,
And I am yours with no other choice.

The outside World's nothing more,
Than a nightmare,
Even if the whole World is in chaos,
I can no longer care.

Only you matter now,
Just 5 seconds becomes eternity,
And your voice is like music,
I hang on to every word to me.

How can I escape that smile,
It draws me into your reality,
Two words and I'm trapped,
Two words that are like poetry.

And I can't remember why
Anything else matters anymore
When you greet me and smile
And say 'Hey Huseyin' I'm completely yours

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