Jukebox Blues

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Jukebox Blues

At the café, there was a jukebox playing,
Those Brown Eyes, I know the song so well.
While ordering fish and chips I was thinking,
To the words, listen, a sad story it will tell.

The tears came trickling down my face,
And mingled with my meal like vinegar.
But when the song was over I pondered,
For weeks in my thoughts, the tune would linger.

Those brown eyes, I love so well,
Those brown eyes, I long to see,
How I long for those brown eyes,
Strangers they have grown to be.

The melody haunted me for months on end,
It reminded me of a very dear friend,
Who fell in love with the brown-eyed lad,
That treated her so very cruel and bad.

The tune may well refer to too many,
Whose heart was broken like my friend's Jenny,
But, around the corner, and not so far away,
It is a clear blue sky and a more pleasant day.

Mai Venn

Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
Hazel Durham 08 November 2015

A beautiful write with the memory of your dear friend Jenny whose life was so difficult because of the man she fell in love with, it has happened to so many. A heartfelt write with a beautiful, positive ending!

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Kim Barney 05 March 2015

I like it. In the third line from the end, however, you meant WHOSE instead of WHO'S. WHO'S is an abbreviation for WHO IS. WHOSE is possessive. Trust me; I used to be an English teacher.

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